School honors veterans with annual program

Elyse Osterberg, Reporter

It is tradition for the school to put on a Veterans Day Program to honor those who served for our country. Due to COVID-19, the program was virtual this year and the previous year. Middle School Principal Colleen Pariso and Director of Operations Josh Youngbauer met in September to start planning for the program.

Similar to last year, we live streamed the program to all classrooms via Youtube.  The link had also been given to our parochial schools, it was also available to the public to view,” Pariso said.

The program was organized to include the student body. The speeches given were student written and given, and both the middle and high school bands were included. 

“We feel very honored and appreciative to have this program in a collaborative effort district-wide to thank our veterans,” Pariso said. 

In order to incorporate the student body, senior trumpet player Thomas Schroeder was selected from the high school band to echo taps.

“I got picked because I have the most experience playing taps at Veterans Day,” Schroeder said.  

 To show appreciation to the veterans and their families, the staff and students did different acts of kindness to show that.  

“Following the program we took time to talk with the Veterans who attended the program, which included treats provided by Mrs. Keyes’ Family Food and Society Class,” Pariso said. 

It is important to the school that we have this program because there are people in the community who served and are serving for our country. 

 “I believe it’s our responsibility as a community to thank them with such a program and to showcase the value of supporting our veterans and active service members,” Pariso said.