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Senior Ashley Cottello supports junior Isaiah Krueger during his football games. Cottello went to all of the games to cheer him on. “Ashley is the most supportive person in my life, she has always been there for me. She is always there to make me smile whether we win or lose,” Krueger said.

Dynamic Duos: Cottello and Krueger fall in love in math class

In high school, students meet many new people and can develop new relationships. As couples are together for a long time, they can grab other students’ attention. It could be possible that they will be together forever. The Red ‘n’ Green will be taking a closer look at these relationships. 


Senior Ashley Cottello and junior Isaiah Krueger started dating Oct. 4 of 2020. They love to play Minecraft when they are together. They also like to play cards with Krueger’s family and go on lots of bowling dates. Their relationship first started last year in math class when Cottello needed help with homework. 

We met in our Algebra 2 class. I asked him for help with homework. I messaged him until I asked him to lunch then we hung out that weekend,” Cottello said. 

They started dating that weekend when they went to Cottello’s house to hang out. “She asked me to come over to her house where I met her mom and little brother and before I left, I asked her to be my girlfriend,” Krueger said. 

The couple has many reasons they have been together for so long. 

“Our relationship has lasted so long because of our communication and compromises. We both express how we feel and compromise on a fix as well as other stuff,” Cottello said.

Cottello says that they mostly compromise on making time for each other in their busy schedule. She attended every one of Krueger’s football games, and he makes time for her during busy practice schedules.  

Although Cottello does not believe in love at first sight, Krueger knew that they were meant to be together right away. 

Honestly it was love at first sight. I kind of knew I was going to ask her out because I already had a crush on her, and her asking me to lunch sealed the deal for me,” Krueger said.

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