Seniors graduate early


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Senior Lucy Smith is graduating early to obtain her pilot’s license. The decision was an easy one for her to make. “During my free time I am going to work and fly around,” Smith said.

Kaylee Olson, Editor-In-Chief

For seniors that are graduating early, their high school career ended when the semester ended on Jan. 14. Seniors have to complete certain requirements before they can graduate.

Before a student can graduate early, a student would need to earn all 24 graduation credits, get approval from the high school principal and counselor and from the student’s parents/guardians. All of which would have to be done weeks before the end of the first semester of their senior year,” guidance counselor Matt Willett said. 

The decision for graduating early is different for every student. If students want to graduate early, they should meet with their counselor. 

I would not recommend that all students graduate early.  Early graduation decisions should be on an individual basis. Every student has their own reasons for or against early graduation,” Willett said. 

For senior Ella Resop, her decision to graduate early came easy.

I decided to early grad because I wanted to start an EMT program at Fox Valley Tech for their second semester. Once I earn my EMT certificate, I plan on going to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities for Sociology Law and Criminal Justice to hopefully join detective/police work,” Resop said. 

Although many students use the extra time to work and earn more money for college, senior Lucy Smith is using her time to focus on her new hobby.

“I really want to get my pilot’s license and save money before I head to college. I have always been interested in flying planes and it would have been difficult to obtain my license before I head off to college,” Smith said.