Local Coffee Shop Quest: MUGS and More

Anna McCarthy and Mia Simon

Everyone knows about big chain coffee shops like Starbucks and Dunkin, however, local coffee shops do not get as much recognition and are often overlooked. The Red ‘n’ Green staff is on a quest to find local coffee shops. This week we went to MUGS and More at 307 Watson Street in Ripon, Wisconsin. 

The place smelled like roasting coffee beans and the decor was sleek yet fitting for a coffee shop. There were students sitting around working on homework and drinking coffee. There was a small pastry display at the register. They also have a full kitchen with a breakfast and lunch menu. The fireplace looked so warm and inviting. 

We ordered an iced vanilla latte with almond milk and an iced caramel latte with almond milk. The ratio of sweetness to coffee was the perfect amount. The coffee was smooth and not bitter at all. It was served in a cup with a sippy cup lid so a straw was not required. We liked this addition because there is less single-use plastic waste. 

A large flavored iced latte was $5.90. Adding almond milk instead of whole milk was another $0.65. This was expected as most coffee shops have an additional charge for specialty milks. This was one of the most expensive coffees that we have tried so far, however, it was also our favorite. The extra $0.50 was worth it to us for the quality and taste of the coffee. We give MUGS and More a rating of 5 out of 5.