Transfer students adapt to BHS


Jane Hoffman

Transfer student Sophomore AJ Elm gets settled into his first hour English class. Elm came from Weyauwega Fremont High School. While Elm came from a neighboring Wisconsin school others have came from Hawaii.

Jane Hoffman, Reporter

Moving to a new school is always difficult. With some of these students coming from much larger schools or even states away, adjusting is not that simple. Junior Ryleigh Harmsen transferred to Berlin from Fond du lac due to her parents’ change in workplaces and says she has enjoyed the small school environment.
“I have mostly seen good things from this school. I love all the extracurricular activities that this school has to offer. I love the music in the hallways every Friday. It just makes it a lot more alive during the day,” Harmsen said.
For junior Christain Bonilla the transition has been more challenging than for others. Prior to his transfer, Bonilla attended Kapolei High School on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. He has seen many positive things but he also cannot help but notice some negatives.
“Adapting to the school was really weird since I came from a school with 3,000 kids. Not only that, but I feel that the people here are not as welcoming as back home,” Bonilla said.
These issues have not been a problem for sophomore A.J. Elm. Elm came from Weyauwega Fremont High School, due to issues with what he felt was an unchallenging curriculum.
“I like the friendly atmosphere here and I enjoy the staff,” Elm said.
Harmsen has found that extracurriculars have made the transition much easier.
“Adapting to this school has been pretty easy for me actually. I think that being in sports has helped me adapt a lot because I’ve made friends in these sports and they have helped me throughout the days that I have been here so far,” Harmsen said.