Gumtow expresses creativity through hobby

Jane Hoffman, Reporter

Outside of teaching, all staff have activities they enjoy doing in their free time. For Library Media Specialist Sarah Gumtow, her favorite hobby is sewing. Gumtow has been sewing for about 15 years and has developed from creating quilts to making clothing for her daughter.
“I love the process of sewing and the idea of having a finished, customized product at the end of every project. I would consider myself as a maker who needs a creative outlet and sewing is definitely a method of self care for me,” Gumtow said.
With many years of experience and practicing, she has exposed herself to many new opportunities including the opportunity to help test patterns for pattern makers before it is released to the public for sale.
“It is kind of neat to be able to see first hand some of the behind the scenes work that goes into the pattern making process. It also allows me to practice my home photography skills, something else I enjoy dabbling in. A couple of times we’ve made it onto pattern websites or newsletters, which is also kind of fun!” Gumtow said.
Gumtow has also created different pieces for staff, most recently making a towel apron for secretary Emily Schubert’s baby shower. Though she typically creates for her eight year old daughter Cora, she will occasionally design for herself. The ability to sew has opened many doors for Gumtow and has created a special bond between her Cora. Cora’s rapidly developing sense of style keeps the desire for new articles constant.
“Sometimes we’ll be walking through a store and she’ll notice a piece of clothing she likes, sometimes I will ask her to design a piece of clothing. We do this every Halloween for her costume! I enjoy the challenge of trying to replicate her ideas,” Gumtow said.
Gumtow gets to do what she loves but also make people happy at the same time.
“My daughter once said that wearing “mom-made” clothes is like having a giant hug from me all day long. I love being able to do that,” Gumtow said.