Kind Committee hosts bake sale to raise funds for the Sunshine Fund


Amy Wenig

Kind Committee gathered for a group photo. The group is always looking for ways to help the community.

Jane Hoffman, Social Media Manager

The KIND Committee held a bake sale during lunch and homeroom Feb. 13, 14, and 15, with all profit going to the Sunshine Fund. The Committee had been looking for a cause to fundraise for so this was the perfect opportunity.
“The members of the KIND Committee each contributed a different treat for the fundraiser. By doing this we ended up with a lot of treats and so many opportunities for profit,” junior Alex Budde said.
In order to choose a fund to donate the money, the students brainstormed with the help of their advisors to make a plan.
“The Sunshine Fund was one we hadn’t really heard much about, but when our KIND advisors brought it to our attention we all agreed it was the right cause for us,” junior Katherine Femali said.
The fundraiser was chosen by the students because they value giving back to the teachers because of all they do for the students. The timing of this fundraiser was planned purposefully.
“The fundraiser added some excitement during the ‘long haul’ before spring break comes. We provided some fun for students while also supporting a good cause,” Budde said.
The Committee fundraised $111 that they will be donating directly to the Sunshine Fund.
“Anytime we can get together and raise funds or help someone in our community, we deem it a success,” Femali said.