Juniors prep for upcoming ACT


Jane Hoffman

Students sit in on english section of ACT bootcamp. Which was taught by english teacher Mr. Reise.

Elyse Osterberg, Editor-in-Chief

The ACT will take place on March 7 and all juniors are required to take it. ACT prep is offered to all juniors on Wednesdays during ELT and is run by guidance counselor Matt Willett. The ACT prep is a pre-packaged program called OnToCollege.
“The purpose of the ACT prep is to educate the students about not only the content of the given subjects that will be tested on the ACT but also the program teaches the students tricks/techniques on how best to take the ACT exam,” Willett said.
Both juniors Macey Rilling and Camille Bruce-Demuri are in ACT prep to improve their overall ACT score.
“I am hoping to learn useful things I can apply to raise my ACT score,” Bruce- Demuri said.
The ACT prep program offers tips and tricks to best prepare students for the ACT. Bruce- Demuri has found the pacing recommendations to be the most beneficial.
“I’ve found that the pacing recommendations have helped me a lot. It’s hard to know what to spend time on and they break that down,” Bruce-Demuri said.
Rilling has found the English section of ACT prep to be most helpful to her.
“There are some simple tips and tricks that I have learned. The most helpful part was the English section,” Rilling said.
However, Rilling has found a downside to having ACT prep on Wednesdays during ELT.
“I can’t use my ELT time for taking tests, doing homework or meeting with clubs because I am busy doing ACT prep,” Rilling siad.
Most of the information found on the ACT is information acquired from taking certain classes. Classes like Advanced Grammar and Calculus are found to be beneficial for the ACT. The main purpose of ACT prep is not to teach new information but the best way to approach the test.
“I feel like they’re teaching us how to take the test. The material on the test is stuff we’ve learned in school, but we’ve never learned the most efficient ways to approach tests like this. ACT prep has really helped me with that,” Bruce-Demuri said.
The juniors had an ACT bootcamp on March 2, that offered prep for all students, not just the ones who chose to do the optional ACT prep during ELT.