Underclassman take iReady test

Underclassman take iReady test

Anna McCarthy, Reporter

Freshmen and sophomores took the iReady test on Oct. 5 through Oct. 7. This is different from past years because traditionally the Measure of Academic Process (MAP) test has been given to students. 

“The structure of iReady testing is very similar to MAP testing that has been done in the past. The difference is shown through the data. Students are able to get a clearer picture of their level of achievement and growth over the school year and teachers are able to get specific reports about next steps in a student’s learning path,” Director of Instruction Sara Markee said. “In addition, if students need extra practice on specific standards, the iReady program will provide a personalized learning path.” 

Sophomores who have previously taken the MAP test noticed some differences between the MAP test and the new iReady test.

“The iReady test gives you a percentage bar and the MAP test doesn’t. The MAP test tells you exactly how many questions you have and you don’t get to know how many questions you’ll be doing on the iReady test. The iReady test also gives you brain breaks (mini-games that students play within the test) which I do not particularly care for,” sophomore Kate Femali said. 

Students were tested on both their English and Math skills. 

“There was a lot of reading and figuring out what was in the reading. There was also a lot of graphing that we had to do for the math portion,” freshman Aliyah Johannes said. 

The iReady test is given to students in order to collect data about their growth and for teachers to know where there are gaps in students’ knowledge. 

“Collecting data on students is an extremely important step for districts to ensure that the curriculum decisions and strategies are leading to the desired outcomes. As middle school students, the freshmen and sophomores took the iReady diagnostic test. By continuing this into ninth and tenth grade we are able to measure historical data and allow students to see the growth they have been making in both reading and math,” Markee said.

The iReady test will be given three times this year to the freshman and sophomores. This will go along with other tests that juniors will also have to take.

“The iReady diagnostic will be given to 9th and 10th-grade students three times a year (fall, winter, spring). ACT Aspire, which is state-mandated, will be given to 9th and 10th graders in the fall. 10th graders also have to take one last WI Forward Exam assessing Social Studies knowledge in the fall. ACT will be given to 11th graders in the spring. Lastly, there are not any standardized assessments for seniors,” Markee said.