Fleegal shoots buck on opening morning


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Junior Alexa Fleegal celebrated with a picture after shooting her biggest buck. “I am pretty happy with this deer, but neither of my sisters got a deer this year so I think next year I will sit with my little sister and let her shoot the deer,” Fleegal said.

Nya Osterberg, Reporter

 Every year many hunters sit opening morning with their heaters and hot chocolate waiting to feel that thrill when a big buck steps out. Only a few are lucky enough to see one and get a shot. Junior Alexa Fleegal shot an 11 pointer on her grandpa’s land and got to be one of those lucky hunters. 

   “I shot it opening morning around 7. It was 11 points, being the biggest deer I have ever shot,” Fleegal said.

   The moments leading up to the kill shot were a bit chaotic for Fleegal and her father, who was sitting in the stand with her. 

   “It was running towards the woods really fast and my dad did a grunt call. It didn’t hear it the first time so it kept running, but then when he did it the second time it stopped and then I shot and it dropped right there,” Fleegal said.

  Fleegal and her father were not the only ones hunting on the land. Her mother and her younger sister were sitting just around the corner of the woods and were the first ones to see the buck.

   “I saw the deer first and knew it was a big deer and probably a buck. Eva and I kept watching but we were facing the sun and there was willow brush behind him that made it hard to see.  By the time he turned and I could see the frost on his horns and knew it was a shooter he moved behind the brush and went towards Alexa and her dad,” mother Gina Fleegal said.

   Even though Fleegal got the buck this year, younger sister Eva is still proud. 

   “I was a little disappointed, but it didn’t bother me too much that she shot it. At the end of the day I was still happy for her,” Eva said.

   Once the season ends the family usually celebrates by having their yearly cookout tradition, but due to COVID-19 it was not possible.

   “In a non-COVID year we normally stay and have supper at my parent’s house.  We eat a big meal, talk over the day and hopefully admire the deer that were shot that day.  This has been a tradition in my family since I was a child,” Gina said. 

    The family will look back on this moment as the year continues.

   “It has been exciting to watch Alexa grow in confidence and skill over the years as a hunter. Her father, Roy and I are proud of Alexa. This was the biggest deer she has ever shot.  Our family will enjoy eating venison this year thanks to Alexa,” Gina said. 

   Fleegal is planning on getting a full head mount from Joel Hunt’s Taxidermy.