Marshall takes on new classes

Lucy Smith, Reporter

History teacher Jared Marshall lesson plans for his Practical Politics and Sociology classes.

Last year, former history teacher Andrew Kasuboski left Berlin without a replacement, leaving his classes to be taken over by other history teachers. History teacher Jared Marshall was the one to take on Practical Politics and Sociology. 

“With Mr. Kasuboski leaving, and his position not being filled, we had to divide his classes amongst the four of us in the social studies department. The way our current class loads worked, it made the most sense for me to add Practical Politics and Sociology,” history teacher Jared Marshall said. 

Thankfully, Marshall had the licenses and met the requirements to teach the class. Junior Riley Beulen took Marshall’s Practical Politics class first trimester and was impressed with how well Marshall took on the class.

“Mr. Marshall did an excellent job teaching Practical Politics for never teaching it before. I enjoyed going to his class every day,” Beulen said. 

With Marshall taking over Kasuboski’s classes, the history department had to make room for some of the classes Marshall would not teach this year, but this was a positive change for Marshall.  

“I enjoyed all of the classes I taught last year, but I am really excited to be teaching Practical Politics. I majored in Political Science in college, so it is exciting to be able to use that experience in my professional career. I also am enjoying the opportunity to teach Sociology. Human interaction and how societies are developed has always been fascinating to me,” Marshall said.