Band concert hits stage

Jane Hoffman

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The band will be having a concert in the auditorium on Tuesday, March 8 at 7 p.m. The band is led by director Ben Ruetten. The concert will also include pieces performed by the choir which is directed by Lisa Utecht. Leading up to the concert the band has been putting in a lot of practice to make this concert perfect. 

“The seniors in this year’s group have really done a nice job of leading by example. Certainly there are others too, but the seniors do stand out to me,” Ruetten said. 

Senior Regina Schimke is a bassoonist in both the Symphonic Wind Ensemble and the Concert Band. She has been in band for all four years of high school. 

“The amount of time I practice depends on what I’m playing and how hard it is. The entire band practices together during class each day, but we also practice outside of school,” Schimke said. 

As the drum major, senior Sophie Ryf has more responsibilities than others. During football season she is the leader of the marching band and if the pep band were to perform she would be directing. She is also an honors band student which elevates the level of difficulty. 

“I play the oboe in the Symphonic Wind Ensemble performing three pieces, ‘Ride,’ ‘Midnight Kung Fu,’ and ‘Echoes.’ Out of the three that symphonic wind is doing, ‘Ride’ is probably the most difficult,” Ryf said.

There has not been an official band and choir combined concert since COVID. Now the musical groups have put in a lot of time and hard work to make it a success. 

“We’d love for the auditorium to be full for this concert. A significant percentage of the student body is involved in the music department – we’d love for them to perform in front of a full house,” Ruetten said.