Dynamic Duos

Teachers plan for future together


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History teacher Andrew Sotter and third grade teacher Sara Abolt are walking through a park in France. Last summer Sotter proposed to Abolt in France. “We are getting married in Iowa at my parents’ house next June,” Abolt said.

Kaylee Olson, Reporter

In high school, students meet many new people and can develop new relationships. There are couples in the school that everyone knows. It could be possible that they will be together forever. The Red ‘n’ Green will be taking a closer look at these relationships. 

History teacher Andrew Sotter and third grade teacher Sara Abolt have been planning their 2021 summer wedding after getting engaged last summer in France. The couple says that the pandemic will not affect any of their wedding plans. The couple started dating in April of 2014. 

“I met him at the University of Iowa. We were in the same Interpretation of Literature class. He moved to sit next to me after a few weeks of class, but he was too nervous to talk to me. One night, we ran into each other downtown and he challenged me to a dance-off.  There is still an on-going debate about who won the dance-off,” Abolt said. “At the end of the night, he asked me to lunch the next day. We had a great first lunch together, and afterwards we got ice cream and walked around campus.”

Although relationships like this one sound like it came out of a movie, there will always be times when people disagree.

“I would say we disagree maybe a quarter of the time, but I think she would disagree with that. She really wanted dogs, but I was a bit hesitant. But, we agreed to have outdoor dogs,” Sotter said. “She moved out to Colorado with me so I could finish my grad school. Then, we moved out here so she could finish her grad school.” 

A good relationship needs something to strive to, getting closer to each other and being role models for other couples. 

“We look up to our parent’s marriages as a model for our own relationship. Both of our parents have been married for almost 30 years and their relationships are an inspiration and example for what we hope our marriage will become,” Abolt said.