Dynamic Duos

Ferrel and Sobieski adjust due to college


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Seniors Autumn Ferrel and Nate Sobieski do almost everything together. They started dating in April of 2019. “I asked her to be my girlfriend. I didn’t do anything too exciting, just asked if she wanted to make us official,” Sobieski said.

Kaylee Olson, Reporter

In high school, students meet many new people and can develop new relationships. There are couples in the school that everyone knows. It could be possible that they will be together forever. The Red ‘n’ Green will be taking a closer look at these relationships. 

Seniors Autumn Ferrel and Nate Sobieski have been dating for over a year and a half. When the couple rides in Sobieski’s bench seat truck, Ferrel will sit in the middle seat instead of the passenger seat. They say they are extremely honest with each other and that is why they have been together for so long. The couple does not even let the middle seat come between them. 

“We have known each since third grade, but it was over spring break and we were both bowling with two different groups and he snap chatted me the next day,” Ferrel said. 

The couple has been dating since April 6, 2019, and said they have done everything together since then. Sobieski says he looks to other people’s relationships for what he wants in his own relationship.

“My parents have a very good relationship so I feel like I kind of use them as how I want my relationship to be,” Sobieski said.

As seniors go off to college and have to go far away, sometimes relationships could end because of the distance. The couple found a way to make sure that will not happen to them. 

“I’m planning on going to UW-Stout, so that’s three hours away. We’ll make sure to Facetime and stuff, but we won’t see each other nearly as much as we do now,” Ferrel said.

Additionally, the couple knows they will be there for each other when they come back home. 

“Besides the fact that we won’t see each other too much I don’t think college will really affect our relationship. We both know we will still be there when we come back,” Sobieski said. 

With any relationship the couple will always fight and disagree on things. Luckily, Ferrel and Sobieski find ways to get through those times in a healthy way. 

“We don’t disagree a lot. When we do we will make sure to hear each other’s side to understand stuff and work from there,” Ferrel said.