Football team defeats Waupun


Kaylee Olson

Wingback Wyatt Hamersma catches a pass thrown by quarterback Hunter Boegh.

Kaylee Olson, Editor-in-Chief

The football team traveled to Waupun to play them for their homecoming game on Friday, September 17. This was the team’s first conference away game of the season. The Indians came home with a 40-0 win. After playing a very strong team like Port Washington last week and losing 14-24, the team knew that they could play a tough game. 

I believe the Port Washington game gave us some confidence knowing we can hang with a big team like that, but the loss also made us work hard and focus on going to Waupun so we could beat them like we did,” wingback Wyatt Hamersma said. 

Although the team knew they could play tough and focus while playing a good team, they have a tendency to lose all of that against weaker teams. But, during this game, the team ran very effective plays that caused them to win the game. 

“We struggle when we go up against weaker opponents. We play down to their level and lose focus,” running back Cole Buttke said.

Seniors always have added pressure on them. They have been playing the longest and this is their last chance to play in high school. 

“I think there is always pressure on the seniors. It all starts from the top. The seniors give a good foundation and if you don’t have that, then nothing will work,” quarterback Hunter Boegh said. 

Within any age group in a sport, there are always improvements that players can make. This can include communication or running tighter cleaner plays.  

“I think I could improve on being a better leader on the field and speaking up to encourage the team,” Hamersma said. 

The team does many things well that have given them their 4-1 record. Like the strong defense and running plays. 

“We as a team are really good on defense and making stops,” fullback Cade Martin said. 

The team is already looking forward to this week’s homecoming game against Kewaskum. 

“We have to clean up a few things this week in preparation for Kewaskum if we want to be successful,” Buttke said.