Track attends meet at Waupun


Paul Boegh

Sophomore Kate Femali races her leg of the 4×200 meter relay in an effort to catch up to Plymouth.

Emilee Wegner, Reporter

The varsity track team will be participating in their fifth meet of the season tonight at Waupun High School.This is a tri with Kewaskum also competing, and they have proven to be tough opponents so far this season. The team hopes to improve at this meet as an entire group and in their individual events as well. Sophomore Kate Femali will try new events and see where she can improve.

 “The last meet I ran was the Conference Indoor Meet in Ripon. I ran the last leg in the 4×200 and last leg in the 4x400m. I ran the 4×200 pretty well, like usual. That was the first time I ever ran a 400m at a meet and I felt I did pretty good for my first time running it. If I were to run it again, I think I would train my acceleration in the last 100m of the sprint,” Femali said.

Not only does Femali feel this way, but junior Carlos Valero also has similar views.

“I hit a new PR of 2.25 in my 800 during the meet at Ripon College. I feel like I paced myself very well but I feel like I could improve on keeping my running form more relaxed throughout the race. My goal for this meet is to run in the teens so I will have to beat my PR by at least five seconds,” Valero said. 

New to track last year, junior Brenna Mosier is still setting and accomplishing new goals she sets for herself.

“I did pretty well at the last meet, but personally indoor meets are not my favorite. There is always stuff to improve on. My goal is just to do as well as I can,” Mosier said.

Individual events like Mosier’s require self-discipline and require the individual to make their own adjustments. Within the group events, team members need to work together to have the best outcome they can.

 “I participate in the 4×8 and the open 800. I have been eating healthier and running outside of track practice. My goal is always to score for my team and place in races,” Valero said.

Overall, track members are hopeful going into this meet today, and are looking forward to a positive outcome.

“My goals for almost every meet is to reset my PR or my personal record for my open events along with placement to score points for my team. Overall, I hope for us all to keep PRing and to having fun,” Femali said.