Soccer team ends season winless


Jackson Bartol

Junior Talan Huser attempts to make a play on the ball against a Winneconne defender. Berlin lost 0-7 against Winneconne on Oct. 13. “Even though this season has been a very, very tough season, it is still a good time to play with the team and I love playing with them on the field,“ junior Dean McAllister said.

Jackson Bartol, Reports

This season did not go the way that the soccer team would have liked. The team went winless and had an overall record of 0-19. Junior defensive middle Dean McAllister says one of the biggest struggles for the season is the lack of upperclassmen.
“The biggest struggle so far has just been our lack of players. Because we have such a limited amount of upperclassmen playing, we are forced to play freshmen and sophomore players at a varsity level. Do not get me wrong, these early year players play their hearts out but there will always be that obvious separation in skill between a freshman and a senior,“ McAllister said.
Offense has also been a struggle with the team, with the team only scoring a total of seven goals throughout the entire season. Communication, or lack of it, is what senior goalkeeper, Kaimbryn Sirrell, says has been the issue for the team.
“If I had a nickel every time miscommunication lost us possession of the ball or got a goal scored on us, I would have a dollar. It is too often that our guys fight each other for the ball instead of fighting the other team,” Sirrell said.
Although the season has not gone the way the team had hoped, McAllister and Sirrell have still found good throughout the season. Looking at the practices and games individually Sirrell said the season had a positive outlook. For McAllister, even though this season has been very tough, he says it’s still a good time to play with the team and he loves playing with them on the field.