Soccer finishes rocky season


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Soccer wraps up their tough season. The team lost their first round regional game against New Holstein. “It feels so unreal that my four years of high school varsity soccer is over. I feel sad because this is a sport I truly love to play. So for it to be over sucks,” senior Xavier Wendt said.

Kaylee Olson, Business Manager

The boys soccer team lost against New Holstein 5-1 last week in their first round playoff game. The team had a 1-21-1 record overall. The team had a rough season that had many communication errors. 

“Some things that went wrong were that we were never able to get on the same page, which led to us losing all the games that we did,” senior Xavier Wendt said. 

Although the team did not win many games, they got along very well. 

“We built good team chemistry that will hopefully last for the next few years with the underclassmen,” senior Jeremy Disterhaft said. 

Looking to next year, the lower classmen hope that they can replace key players that they are going to lose. 

Hopefully we get some miracle and we get good players, other than that we train them to get to where they need to be,” junior goalie Micheal Santori Jr said. 

The seniors are going to miss playing with the team. They want the underclassmen to have fun while they play in the future. 

“Just enjoy and soak it in because in a blink of an eye it is going to be gone. Go out and have fun because you don’t want to play a sport that you don’t feel like you’re having fun in,” Wendt said. “Good luck to the team next year. I wish you nothing but the best.”